WEIRD ANIMALS – It is all About Recycling

Weird Animals, an exhibition of Alessandro Vincenzi

From June 6 until July 31 at Can Basté, Barcelona

L’Animalada is a clear example of creative and healthy thinking.  This series of animals created by Sandra Sardà and her company Katakrak, combine three ideas:  A belief that we need to reduce waste, recycle materials and reuse objects; a passion for games and what happens when you put them into public space; finally, the need to create and discover similar aesthetics between the found or recovered objects and actual animals.

The result can be interpreted in a number of ways, but the one we prefer a poetic approach.   By giving a new use to these discarded objects, the new forms take us back, metaphorically speaking, to the first and most genuine level of all existence – the natural world, where everything came from and to where everything – toxic or not – will one day return.

Weird Animals, is a series of photographs of L’Animalada that address the issue of recycling and waste in a powerful way.  Placing the animals in their natural habitat suggests a possible future for our planet.  The idea of ​​being surrounded by “recycled” animals terrifies us all.   We hope that this work raises awareness about how we manage waste, and that the Weird Animals will remain games and not become part of real life.   MAR_9347 MAR_9396 MAR_9368 MAR_9384 MAR_9414

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