Francesco Pistilli



In derelict warehouses behind Belgrade’s main bus station, up to 1500 migrants are trying to survive the freezing Serbian winter in crumbling buildings with broken windows, no electricity, no heating, or water. They are stuck in a “sub-zero” Limbo, waiting for a new life in Europe. Inside these buildings the air is thick with smoke because several makeshift fires. The dark smoke renders the visibility to only a few meters, but the darkness is pierced by the sounds of people coughing. Europe’s forgotten refugees are dying of cold, in asylum limbo. Thousand homeless migrants line up for a meal distribution. They get only one meal per day from an aid organization. This temporary citizens-from-nowhere are living their nomad existences in the the rubble of the so-called Belgrade “Waterfront” construction project. They sleep, cook and eat directly on the warehouse floor and wash their self outside at freezing conditions as severe winter weather sweeps across Serbia.


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