Erik Messori

The 1998-1999 conflict in Kosova claimed the lives of around 13,000 victims, mostly ethnic Albanians. A NATO bombing campaign in 1999 ousted Serb forces from the province bringing an end to the war putting the province under UN administration. Ten years after end of hostilities and “ethnic cleansing” of Kosovar Albanians at the hands of Serbian troops and Kosovar Serbs, an estimated 2000 people are still missing and unaccounted for. To this day communal mass graves are still being discovered. (The latest uncovered in Serbia, May 2010 where the remains of further 250 Kosovar Albanians were unearthed). A United Nation’s team of doctors and forensic pathologists work in discovery laboratories sifting through the gruesome remnants seeking to give an identity to the corpses that have been exhumed. The forensic results reconcile the lists of missing persons. The remains are returned to their families, seeking respite and closure as to the fate of their loved ones.

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