Federico Scoppa

A few miles from Hebron, in the Efrat settlement, sits Caliber 3, an ‘Academy for counter terror and security’. Founded by Mr Sharon Gat, a former Israeli Defence Force major with vast experience in anti-terrorism warfare, the large facility has three shooting ranges where Israeli special forces, private companies and civilians train in the most advanced fighting techniques. A new course is now available: the “Tourist two-hours course”, for people of any age who want to experience anti-terrorist training. Most of the customers are American and Russian Jews and according to Mr Gat they come to understand what it’s like to live in a country where you must be able to defend yourself and your family 24/7. The Sarosi family came from Sausalito, California. Of Hungarian Jewish origins, they are here for exactly that reason. Lily and Marc and their three sons Maxwell, Ezekiel and Nathaniel came to do the training after one of the kids asked why there where so many armed men during their holidays in Jerusalem. So now they are here to show them ‘how it is to live in a country under siege’. They behaved like they were in a Luna Park practicing with real weapons (except for the youngest son), learning how to react during a terrorist attack and how to fight back, shooting at balloons and targets representing Palestinians. After their two hours they received their diplomas and a souvenir photo with their instructor.

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