Paulo Nunes dos Santos


As international military forces leave war-torn Afghanistan more than 1000 new cadets are being trained at the National Police Academy in Kabul to take control of the country’s fragile security alongside the national army. With high unemployment, poor education and economic difficulties plaguing the country, more than 9000 men and women a year join the academy but many end up quitting due to the fear of retaliation against them and their families by the Taliban. Although the prospect of job security within the police ranks may be attractive to many, the risk it represents makes a high percentage of candidates leave the force within months of graduating from the academy. In a nation scarred by decades of war and facing a recent escalation of insurgency attacks, Afghan national security forces now face now the biggest test of their capabilities. With the future of Afghanistan depending on these men and women, the crucial question is whether Afghans alone can achieve a goal that has eluded many powerful international armies – the elimination of the Taliban threat.

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