Federico Scoppa

Federico Scoppa

Federico Scoppa


Federico Scoppa is a documentary photographer focused on social conflicts and under-reported social conditions. He began his professional photographic career in 2007 covering social issue in Italy. Since 2010 he started working in Europe, America and Middle East, reporting from Detroit to Gaza Strip where he documented the psychological traumatic affects on the population due to a long series of conflicts and wars starting from the year 2000. In the last months he turned his attention to migrants reaching the Italian coasts as well as their desperate situation in Calais – France – where thousands live in a tend camp called the Jungle trying to escape to UK hidden in trucks headed to the nearby harbor. During the past years Federico contributed to various book editors and international magazines. His work appeared in numerous publications amongst which Time, The Guardian, Le Figaro. He is now based in Kinshasa – RD Congo – working as a stringer for the Agence France Presse (AFP) and freelancing for various important NGOs.




 +243 082 8850 679 (RD Congo)

 +39 335 6131 131 (Italy)

 +972 592 2700 45 (Palestinian Territories)

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